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The Featured Product Of The Week Is The Following:

perfectlyfree® Fruit Bites

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Healthier fruit snacks for kids! Made from whole fruit puree with five sources of fiber and less than half the amount of sugar, these bites are a low-sugar alternative to traditional fruit snacks.

These new fruit bites are whole, real fruit puree wrapped in a grape-like skin. They’re made with the belief that snacking should be healthier, taste better and be more fun for everyone. Check out these new low-calorie fruit snacks in the produce section next to the pre-cut fruit to discover your favorite flavor!

Made in a dedicated gluten free and big 8 allergen-friendly free-from facility, so kids can snack together. What's better than a delicious treat everyone can enjoy?

perfectlyfree® Fruit Bites are available in the following flavors:

Strawberry Banana
Mixed Berry
Pineapple Mango
Raspberry Pomegranate

For full product offerings and complete nutritional information, please click on any of the images.


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