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The Featured New Product Of The Week Is The Following:

Don’t Go Nuts Soy Spread Dips

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The people at Don‘t Go Nuts take their nut free status seriously. They developed what they call the Field to Fingers Nut-Free Process, a first-of-its-kind inspired practice to ensure that every step of the journey is free of peanuts and tree nuts. They built their own nut-free facility in which to prepare their foods and they require confirmation of that from each and every supplier. They even built their own ingredient receiving room, where dust is blown from ingredient packages and removed from the building before ingredients enter other areas. Now that’s taking your nut free status seriously!

Don’t Go Nuts Soy Spread Dips are school safe, gluten free, nut free non-GMO, organic, vegan & available in the following varieties:

Slightly Sweet Dips- A taste-test favorite, only 4g of sugar per serving. This is the closest taste to a classic peanut butter.

Simply Cinnamon Dips- In-store sampling crowds love its uniquely delicious taste! Only 4g of sugar per serving, featuring organic cinnamon. Great with apples, celery, pretzels and more.

Lightly Sea Salted Dips- This yummy peanut-butter alternative is now available in convenient single-serving “dips.” If you prefer salty over sweet, this one’s for you. A bit of sea salt and no added sugar. Great with apple slices, celery, pretzels and more!

Chocolate Dips- Their best-selling flavor is now available in convenient single-serving “dips.” 2X more protein and 2/3 less the sugar per serving than chocolate-flavored hazelnut spreads! A flavor all its own, featuring organic cocoa. Great with apples, pretzels, graham crackers and more.

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