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The Featured New Product Of The Week Is The Following:

ONE Basix Bars

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Meet ONE Basix

Naturally sweetened and simply delicious, sometimes less is so much more. With 20 grams of protein, only 1 gram of sugar and basic ingredients you can trust, ONE Basix is All You Need, Nothing You Don't.

Cookie Dough Chocolate Chunk - Buttery cookie dough studded with massive chocolate chunks. The classic fresh-from-the-oven flavor of this cookie dough protein bar will make you think you are licking the cookie batter spoon—and because it has 20g of protein and only 1 gram of sugar, it makes for a great pre-gym snack with zero guilt. You’ll sing “Let’s Dough Crazy.” Yeah, this all natural protein bar is that good.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk - Creamy peanut butter is close to perfection on its own. Adding dreamy chocolate chunks raises the bar even more. This natural protein bar is sweet, nutty and satisfying, and it does it all while delivering 20g of protein and only 1g of sugar. It’s simple and nut complicated, the perfect hiking snack. Indulge your taste buds with this chocolate and peanut butter protein bar!

Triple Chocolate Chunk - Why settle for just chocolate when you can have triple chocolate in the form of an all natural nutrition bar? We started with amazing chocolate, then we added more chocolate… and finally, we added big chocolate chunks to this low calorie, high protein snack. This decadent healthy chocolate protein bar with 20g of protein is sure to satisfy even the biggest chocolate lovers, and only 1 gram of sugar means no guilt. With this healthy chocolate snack, you’ll be chanting “lots and lots of chocolate.”

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